Paradise Fitness Escape is founded in January 2018 by Ferriy and Hagen, it provides a top-notch fitness program and fun activities to help people to reach their goal for their healthy lifestyle balance. We would like to inspire people through our programs and retreats and propel it as their transformation journey.

Hagen Richter


Hagen is a young promising talented fitness athlete and model from Germany. His passion for fitness has gained him recognition from several fitness and lifestyle brands such as Gym Codes, NP Nutrition and Fitvenskalender. This humble young man will share with you personally on the key success to achieve your fitness goals.

Ferriy Bagus


Ferriy is Bali based travel organizer, he’s been working for the hospitality industry and luxurious accommodation for more than a decade. He has the passion for traveling and outdoor adventure sports, such as trail running & triathlon. His expertise on traveling and organization will take you from the insider experience.